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Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $72 million as problems to a family members who took legal action against the corporation stating their mommy’s death from cancer cells was directly pertaining to her usage of their talcum powder products.

It comes as not a surprise to any of us here at Green Beauty Team that private firms are finally being held accountable for producing items with unsafe active ingredients. As a matter of fact, we think it has to do with time!

J&J gets our Greenwashing stamp because they are misinforming concerning safety and security and purity in their marketing.


I can recall that back in the early ’70s when Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Hair shampoo was a bath time staple. I additionally recall having uncomfortable, repeating ear infections as a kid. Till 2007, I never ever made the connection.

Johnson & Johnson Cancer Greenwashing Fast forward Thirty Years later on, as I listened open-mouthed to a wellness presentation. The audio speaker mentioned that J&J’s preferred hair shampoo might have been the reason of numerous health problems because of an extremely caustic component: Quaternium-15, a releaser of formaldehyde, a known health hazard.

Here’s just what is disturbing concerning the discovery. The “No More Tears” tagline reassured mommies throughout America that this item would certainly never hurt the eyes and guaranteed to be mild on child’s valuable scalp and skin.

The picture projected was of a firm that could be trusted. The reality was that the hair shampoo did hurt my eyes– which’s not even the fifty percent of it.

What moms really did not understand at the time was that this risk-free shampoo from Johnson & Johnson could have been connected not just to ear infections, as the suds went into the ear canal, yet also to cradle cap and countless side effects as a result of sulfates and various other possibly harmful components in the formula. This supposed gentle infant shampoo might have been linked to cancer cells!


By 2012, Johnson & Johnson recorded and announced its commitment to reformulate, after much stress from consumer lobby companies like Female’s Voices for the Planet. It was a strong and expensive move and the very first of its kind for a large corporation. It likewise held significant effects.

The decision begged the question: how can we rely on advertising and marketing cases
hypes for safety in our products? If anything, J&J’s choice to transform its formula worked as a hesitant admission that we cannot.


Recent headlines show Johnson & Johnson is not in the clear. This moment, the culprit is the widely utilized and benign looking baby powder. The jury awarded $72 million to the family members of a lady who passed away from ovarian cancer, which she said was brought on by utilizing Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and various other products containing talcum.

Just what emerged and is even more troubling is that the business understood about the threats the whole time.

Johnson & Johnson Talcum powder Lawsuit HOW A LOT MORE CASES DO WE SHOULD SEE BEFORE WE Do Something About It?

Even when a managing body like the FDA is entailed, it is no guarantee that the consumer is secured from exposure to potentially dangerous components.

In fact, the market is widespread with suspicious profit-making objectives at the expense of our health. J&J merely gives one instance.


The supermarket, pharmacy, and department store racks are stacked with an unbelievably lengthy checklist of examples– no matter just how much the item costs.

The much more pricey products do not immediately equate into much better components. Unfortunately, this predicament applies to food too, however that’s an entire other article.

Just what’s hard to believe is that companies would purposefully pick ingredients that might be damaging because they’re cheap and obtainable without completely testing them for security.

Yet the concern runs at the forefront of my mind every time I have to determine just what items to buy for my household.


Luckily, I investigated my facts while my children were infants and their bathtub time experiences and beyond looked fairly unlikely.

The info that I have at my fingertips today was not available to consumers up till just a couple of years earlier. We could thank the efforts of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Environmental Working Team, and obviously Green Beauty Group. These online sources blow the whistle on big firms for their deceptive advertising and marketing claims and damaging ingredients. Currently people like us can get to important research study and details with a simple click of the button.

It’s no joke that info is power. It additionally empowers us with better duty making educated options and choose brand names that support the public welfare, not only their very own pockets.


My product choices lean to indie brands that utilize components that are considered secure. These are mindful businesses that prioritize our wellness by using natural or all-natural active ingredients that are sourced morally and sensibly, along with making a reduced ecological effect.

While numerous are not yet discovered on shelves at your regional shop, they are slower dripping in. Target has been a front-runner in paving the roadway to providing these brand names a room in their stores all over the country or online.

These smaller sized firms are gradually improving the convoluted appeal and also skin care market on a larger scale– one product at a time.

By supporting them, our collective buying power produces weather change that makes a long lasting influence on the health and wellness of our future generations and on our world.

In the following article, I’ll be suggesting some of my favored brands that I’ve been using on my own family members. I’ve never once missed the standard items thanks to their efficiency!

Has reading this changed the way you think of J&J’s famous products and does it have you reevaluating various other brands? Let us know in the remarks below!